Literary Essays

Looking for Roxie, Branches and Acorns, 2005

The LST 325 Memorial, LST Scuttlebutt, 2004


Water Rights: Native America and the Bureaucrats, High Times Magazine, 1992

Sacred Ground: Native American Land RightsHigh Times Magazine, 1992

Literary Reviews:

Sightseer by William Hathaway, Another Chicago Magazine, 2001

Fairfield Porter, A Life in Art by Justin Spring, The Bloomsbury Review, 2000

Messi@h by Andre Codrescu, Another Chicago Magazine, 2000

Demons in the Diner by David Ray, Another Chicago Magazine, 2000

Africa: A Biography of a Continent by John Reader, and Across African Sand: Journeys of  a Witch Doctor's Son-in-Law by Phil Deutschle, The Bloomsbury Review, 2000

Exploring World Art by Andrea Belloli, The Bloomsbury Review, 2000

Louis Armstrong, in His Own Words by Louis Armstrong and Thomas David Brothers, The Bloomsbury Review, 2000

Unshakable Faith: Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver, A Biography by John Perry, The Bloomsbury Review, 2000

Lives of the Great 20th Century Artists by Edward Lucie-Smith, The Bloomsbury Review, 1999

Early Christian & Byzantine Art by John Lowden, Rubens by Kristen Lohse Belkin, Dada & Surrrealism by Matthew Gale, and Conceptual Art by Tony Godfrey, The Bloomsbury Review, 1999

Heartstones: New and Selected Poems by David Ray, The Bloomsbury Review, 1999